Denise Hamilton Hatch

Denise Hamilton Hatch is founder of Yoga Sports Performance and co-founder of Mystic Heart Yoga Retreats, a licensed hypnotherapist, and a Anusara certified E-RYT 500 yoga teacher trainer.   Denise works with elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, Pro Golf, and motor sports, as well with business executives, creative writers, and artists–people who want to find and listen to their soul’s calling and thrive outside of a conventional system. Her mission is to align her clients to their full brilliance, so they can put it to work to create a better world by living a more purposeful, joyful, and prosperous life.

Denise studied finance, nutrition, and exercise physiology at UNC. She earned All-American honors in springboard and tower diving.  She left the corporate world of finance 25 years ago to continue her studies in Human Behavior, Philosophy, Yoga, Physiology, Native American and Celtic Shamanism.  

Her most influential education came from sitting at the feet of the 13 Indigenous Shaman Grandmothers, watching them heal what medicine could not and hearing the visions of what is to come. Working with these powerful women—who have great intuition and wisdom—helped Denise understand that knowledge is just knowledge until it is paired with a deeper insight that we all have access to. Now more than ever, we are being called forth to offer our unique gifts and talents. It is time for a reawakening, an igniting of our innermost passion, our innermost calling—what the grandmothers call “our medicine.” Denise helps her clients access this medicine by employing her yogic