Since the development of Skinnian cognitive modification therapies in the 1950s to the emergence of biofeedback theories by Green in the 1970s, the fields of psychology and neuropsychology have developed increasingly more effective methods to enhance neurological healing, manage anxiety and enhance performance. Ever evolving and improving, these methods are currently being utilized number of types clinicians and performance coaches in a variety of settings to  help  a number of different patients and and high performers heal and improve faster. Ranging from patients recovering from brain injury and stroke to improve memory and motor function and patients with panic disorder to  reduce anxiety to elite athletes striving to break world records, the use of meditation and biofeedback treatments are emerging as a powerful tools to condition our brain and  train our nervous system to recover faster and and  achieve peak performance.

Understand Your Brainwaves

Your brain produces four basic types of brain waves which reflect your state of consciousness. Brain waves, distinctive electrical firing patterns, created by different areas of your brain can be measured by a machine known as a electroencephalogram (EEG), which is capable of providing a physiological snapshot of our inner state of mind and our level of relaxation at any point in time. Our brains are capable of producing four primary distinctive brainwave patterns (beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma), each operating  at specific frequency range associated with both positive and negative traits 

Beta waves, the most common brain waves, associated with being actively alert, are often viewed as somewhat toxic brain waves, particularly when produced in excess are predominantly produced by your brain during periods of stress, worry, anger, and anxiety, these waves are generated at higher frequencies ( 13-40 Hz)  than other brain waves and when produced in excess, are believed to increase negative self-talk, self destructive impulses, and create somnia. 

In contrast, alpha and theta waves occur at lower frequencies ( alpha 7.5-12.5 Hz theta 4-7 Hz and delta waves) are seen as  desirable therapeutic waves because they help reduce anxiety, provide a sense of control during stressful situations and allow healing and recovery. Alpha and theta waves occur during periods of relaxation and deep meditation and are believed to be responsible for generating vivid imagery during visualization. Biofeedback methods such as progressive relaxation and hypnosis are often used to help your brain produce more alpha and theta waves, allowing your brain to reduced anxiety and obtain a sense greater well being, and enter a deep meditative state. Progressive relaxation and hypnosis are often used to recruit these types of brain waves during visualization exercises to program the subconscious mind for peak performance and greater levels of success. 

Delta waves, a brain wave associated with sleep and recovery,  represent a long sort after brainwave because they are an integral part of creating deep restful sleep and reduce the aging process  The slowest brain wave (0-4 Hz), delta waves waves are produced during deep and dreamless sleep and are believed to be essential for your nervous system and brain to recover following fatigue.   

Gamma waves,  the fastest brain wave (40 Hz or higher), are highly desirable brain waves to produce, however, are often overlooked and understudied by researchers  Known for their abilities  to create rapid insight, sharpen  focus, and produce high levels of processing, these waves have been known to improve eye-hand coordination useful in throwing, racket, and club sports such as baseball, tennis and golf. 

Secrets #2
Think Empowering Thoughts that Reframe Your Life  Events. 

Have you ever had a problem, then asked yourself the right questions an amazing answer magically appeared? Often  creating a breakthrough answer involves asking yourself empowering questions and reframing the problem in a more positive light  so that your subconscious mind can relax and relearn. Reframing traumatic events or perceived past mistakes provides your subconscious mind an opportunity to reduce anxiety by positively reframing past them so that it is able set and achieve new goals. 

Secret #3
Biohack Your Brain Waves Using Binaural Beat Frequencies

Did you know that you can dramatically maximize your recovery and performance by Biohacking your brain waves with binaural beat frequencies and mediation?  By meditating to music Infused with binaural beat frequencies, it is possible to tap directly into the power of your subconscious mind. Able to recruit the most powerful brainwaves to increase creativity and productivity, brainwave music, combined with meditation and visualization, helps dial back stress and anxiety and maximize creativity, and produce and intelligent  thought patterns. In fact, research as shown that the use of brainwave music infused with binaural beats frequencies automatically recruits the same brain waves that occur during mediation. 

Supported by a growing body of evidence, research supports that combining music infused with binaural beats while meditating provides a powerful tool for healing and accelerates performance.  For example, in a recent study, conducted at Duke University, researchers  examined the effects of binaural auditory beats on mood and physical performance in frequency ranges that matched beta, theta, and delta brainwaves. Researchers concluded that the presents of binaural auditory beats improved psychomotor performance, mood, and  task vigilance, and were associated with decreasing negative mood. The use of binaural frequencies matching the brain wave frequency that best aligns with the task you are performing provides an opportunity to induce a specific brainwave that would be optimize your performance. 

Secret #4
Understand the Power of Looking at the End Goal. 

As our ebook guest Dr Susan Spicer points out, in her interview, the power in goal setting lies in “visualizing the end of the journey first” then working out each individual step to get there. Understanding this fact provides the clarity by which to set smaller individualized and measurable goals that allow this to happen. Said slightly differently, visualize with as greatest clarity as possible  the “big picture” of the goal that you desire, then work backwards in small steps to gain, skills and inner strength to make what you desire appear in your life. Remember all things are possible if you believe that they are.